Personalised Workwear – The WØRN Virtual Configurator

Since the launch of the WØRN Personalised Workwear Configurator we’ve helped to increase productivity and speed up the buying process for our customers.

Developed specifically for our account customers to create designs from our ØRN workwear ranges, such as Avocet, Fireback, Crane and EarthPro. Older specification requests were designed using 2D illustrations but with the introduction of this new tool, all designs are 3D with a finish that is more realistic and refined. The fabric has a smooth and fluid appearance, seen with further clarity when magnified, using the scroll on the mouse or by moving up and down (left/right click).

Perfect for demonstrations and presentations, this tool enables you to:

  • Create customised uniforms
  • Choose from many stock ranges & colour
  • Add your own logos
  • Download images
  • Create Lookbook presentations.

It just needs your ideas to be brought to life!

To understand and view how accessible, simple and easy it is to use watch our 2 min WØRN how-to video and see how you can easily edit and create your own personalised designs. (Please note: Customers need to login to their account or register to access the WØRN configurator).


The many options and functions within the workwear design configurator tool have made the selection and accuracy process quicker. Enabling the customer to swap out clothing styles and optional colours has helped save time, avoid any inaccuracies during the demonstration or ordering process, and elevate the buying experience.

Recently we introduced a female mannequin alongside the male mannequin and the option to hide or display virtual models. Customers and potential clients can visualise products in a more realistic and inclusive manner when it comes to demonstrating customer selections. The 360° rotational view, zoom capabilities, and accurate x/y offsetting of logos have received great feedback.



Did you know that our LookBook software now has a drag-and-drop functionality built-in? Move the order of pages by dragging them up and down and add more pages as you expand your presentation. This allows you to design your very own presentation complete with product images on our virtual models. Design and add as many variants as you like and export these to a PDF, perfect to use as a professional workwear presentation for your business meetings or clients.

The bespoke capability to design and create the exact look a customer requires makes it a great tool to use when demonstrating ØRN workwear to potential clients. From design, order to product completion your business development manager (BDM) will support and advise when necessary. Furthermore, if your customer requires bespoke pantone colours, we will be able to alter this during the ordering process, with typical MOQ’s of 1,000 pieces (however, MOQ does depend on the fabric type and garment complexity.



With the introduction of the WØRN configurator, we have seen many changes to our own day-to-day operations. Previous time spent creating designs, quotations and bespoke orders is now invested in the continued development of the software. We are constantly looking to innovate and grow our solutions that will enable our customers to talk and promote their business on a higher level. We aspire to provide all our account holders with a service that is second to none.

This is why ØRN Workwear invest 8% of its annual profit in R&D (research and development). By doing this we hope to support and provide our customers with tools that will better serve their customer’s buying journey.

So, while we are working behind the scenes, creating and developing new ideas we are open to any suggestions you may have. Who knows you might see these roll out with our next generation of the configurator.

Check out the LookBook yourself and see how easy it is to customise your variations of our ØRN Workwear uniforms. For more information on how to use the WØRN Configurator contact: [email protected]  or contact us to find your nearest ØRN Workwear distributor.