We take great care to use quality fabrics for our ranges. Garments and fabrics are tested under carefully monitored conditions in accordance with recognised standards. Wash tests are used to check colour fastness, shrink resistance and care label accuracy. Wear tests are undertaken to check the serviceability and longevity of garments.


Always refer to the care label before laundering and ensure the care label instructions are adhered to. Always wash dark colours separately. Fabric softeners and conditioners may prove detrimental to the performance of some garments.


Excessive shrinkage is primarily due to factors such as heat and major agitation during the wash cycle. Always wash as per the instructions as stated on the care label.


Abrasion and frequent washing of garments with fabric softeners can lead to fibre balls appearing on the surface of the fabric. Remove fibre balls by mild surface brushing.


Trims and accessories like zips, toggles, pocket linings and elastic cords are constructed for normal use.


Wash similar colour garments together. Do not leave damp garments together for any length of time.
We strongly recommend washing garments inside out and not to use fabric conditioners in the wash.
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